Tuesday 18 June 2024

New CITI Report - Mapping the Innovation Landscape

Interesting new report by CITI Global Insights on Mapping the Innovation Landscape - Comparing 100 Emerging & Disruptive Technologies, Business Models, and Ideas.

It shows the metaverse with a current market size of $90bn, but with a forecast growth to 2030 of over $1tn (which puts it about 6th, alongside AI). Note that there is also a separate entry for Virtual Reality. The report also suggests that investment in the metaverse is on the low side (given the log scale).

The metaverse is defined as "a proposed version of the Internet where you feel you are "inside" it, as opposed to merely looking at it" and virtual reality as a system which "covers  the field of view to give an immersive experience. Augmented reality uses computer-generated images superimposed over a view of the real world, allowing for mobility" (so seems to include AR, and MR - and is perhaps more focused on the hardware than the experience but this isn't clear).

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