Wednesday 13 March 2024

First manuscripts off to production


The final manuscripts for both The Metaverse: A Critical Introduction, and The Metaverse for Learning and Education have now been handed over to the production team, and we're hoping they'll both be out in September. David is now in the home straight on the manuscript for The Military Metaverse which will go off for peer review in May. Once that is gone we can start to focus on this web site and get that ready for the launch, and also start work on the microverse to support the series. With the sad demise of Mozilla's Hubs the microverse will almost certainly be on VirBela's Frame virtual world as its the best of the current crop of WebXR platforms which means that you won't need ot download any software to enter it - you can just use your web or HMD-VR browser.

The picture above is from the GoXR virtual world - a 3D model of Taiwan.

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